The ultra-thin LEDOM panel 30×120 – a new dimension of LED lighting

LED ceiling panels are lighting for demanding customers who appreciate not only excellent lighting parameters, but also high quality components and attractive interior design.

Following the growing needs of our customers, we try to create lighting solutions for them that will be reliable and universal at the same time. An example of this are our panels from the LEDOM Backlit collection, to which a new model joined not so long ago – Backlit panel 40W 4000K 3600lm 30×120.

What features did we use in our Backlit 30×120 panel?

– The panel is distinguished by a modern design that ensures even light distribution over the entire surface of the luminaire.

– The Backlit panel is based on innovative solutions that provide good quality light and no flickering effect that is harmful to the eyes.

– The panel uses an ultra-thin construction, which makes it perfect for a coffered ceiling, in limited space or in surface frames.

– The color temperature of 4000K means that it can be placed in almost any room.

– We add an integrated power supply to the Backlit panel, which does not increase the thickness of the housing.

Moreover, the ceiling panel LEDOM Backlit 30×120 is covered by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty period.