LEDOM Garden garland E27 5m + 10 x E27 1W

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At LEDIN, we have been working on the design of our garden lighting solution for a long time, and finally we managed to create the perfect product. We are pleased to present you a garden garland E27 with a length of 5 m, equipped with 10 LED light sources, filament with an E27 thread and additional protection, with a power of 1W each.

What distinguishes our E27 garden garland?

It is water resistant and the plug is protected against changing weather conditions, including snow, rain, sun and wind.

Provides the possibility of replacing the light sources with stronger ones, which allows for individual adjustment of the intensity of lighting in the garden.

· The optimal length of 5 meters allows the sections to be joined into longer lighting chains.

Simple, minimalist design and durable construction made of high-quality polycarbonate, which guarantees long-term reliability.

The lamps are placed at intervals of 50 cm, and the wide beam angle of 270 effectively diffuses the light around each of them.

A great solution for lighting a garden, terrace or gazebo, and also a great decorative element as a Christmas tree decoration in winter.

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