LEDOM 24W WIFI TUYA Garden garland Power Supply

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The 24W WIFI TUYA power supply is designed for intelligent control of the LEDOM garden garland (471178, 471185) using a hermetic connector mounted on the device cable. Connected to an assigned device, it connects to our phone via the home WIFI network also when we are away from home. Just install the “Smart life – Smart Living” application

Main features of the product:

– a product intended only for controlling LEDOM garden garlands

– IP 65 – waterproof, can be mounted outside

– remote control of devices from anywhere in the world

– adding and controlling multiple devices simultaneously from one application

– Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant control

– interaction with many Tuya smart devices

– the ability to automatically turn on / off garlands based on temperature, time and place

– easy sharing of controls among family members

– simple and quick configuration.

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