New LEDOM website!

T he main assumption of the website is to present the LEDOM brand lighting products.

Our task is both to work on the quality of lighting that we create as well as its correlation with the price and the courage to introduce innovations. We derive our experience from working with active partners and committed service providers.

The LEDOM brand is created by people with passion and involved in the process of its creation. It is a very young brand that has gained recognition and a positive view of its advantages at the beginning of its career. Creating a website for the brand is the crowning achievement of several years of work on the market needs analysis.

We are giving you a tool that will help you work with the client. We are open to suggestions or proposals for changes and to continue building the website and brand together.

Cooperation with our contractors has already made a huge contribution to the popularity of LEDOM products, so we are right here. We invite all companies interested in cooperation to contact us and build a brand position all over the world.