Which lighting to choose?

When choosing kitchen lighting, you should pay attention to its functionality in everyday activities. We should take care of at least two types of lighting - central and local. Accent lighting is also an extremely important function in the kitchen

Central lighting

Central lighting is designed to illuminate room in general. Lamps with a wide beam angle of over 120 ° and a universal colour temperature of approx. 3000-4000K are indicated here. The recommended LEDOM products for central lighting in the kitchen are sources with a opal shade and a traditional E27 fitting - 248641, 248634, 247422, 247439, 247408, 247415, 247392, 247385, 247262, 247255 In the case of using suspended ceilings, instead of traditional lamps with light sources, you can use built-in LEDOM 240669, 240683, 241093 downlight sockets for which LEDOM GU10 sources are recommended. For central lighting, those with a colour temperature of 3000-4000K are recommended - 248658, 248665, 248672, 248689, 244728, 244742.

Local lighting

Local lighting is lighting used above the workspace, above the kitchen heating plate and the sink. It requires a higher colour temperature, approx. 6500K, and a smaller beam angle to focus the light on the activity. For such lighting, LEDOM GU10 244001, 244346, 244766 sources are recommended.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting - this lighting is often used for decorative purposes, to illuminate shelves and objects. It is perfect as additional lighting that can be used at night or in the morning to avoid the glare effect caused by intense light. The lowest colour temperature of 3000K and low light source power are the best for such lighting. It is recommended to use LEDOM G4 243929, 244506, 244513 bulbs. They are also used for installation in eaves, then you can use the variant with a colour temperature of 6500K 243936