LED line LITE Downlight MOLLY

The new series of LED downlight fixtures includes as many as 32 products with power ranging from 5W to 24W. A wide range of power levels combined with their minimalist design makes the luminaires suitable for any type of interior - from a doctor's office, through a stylish boutique or a home living room.

LED line LITE CILINDER outdoor wall lamp, aluminum

If you are looking for a fixture that provides light up and down, CILINDER is for you. Full flexibility in setting the upper jet from a few to 120 degrees and independent setting of the lower jet allows for individual arrangement of the building's external space.

LED line LITE STREETLITE road luminaire

STREETLITE are road luminaires that are perfect for lighting streets, residential roads, squares, parking lots, properties, terraces, yards and farm facilities. Thanks to their parameters, they ensure reliability, durability and excellent lighting conditions.

LED line LITE świetlówka LED T8

T8 LED line LITE fluorescent lamps are an economical solution with good luminous efficiency and a glass housing that provides a higher transmittance coefficient, thanks to which more light reaches the room.